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The Sunrise Brand Collective Podcast

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Today I was absolutely HONOURED to be on the Sunrise Brand Collective Podcast with Podcast Rocketeer Nathalie Amlani and her co-host Erin Dean Williams! To celebrate I’m sharing their super cool podcast profile with you! If you’re building a business, you need to be thinking about your branding, and Erin and Nathalie have you covered!

About The Podcast

The Sunrise Brand Collective Podcast is a show for entrepreneurs and aspiring business owners all about mindset growth and brand strategies helping you increase your revenue and stand out in a busy online space. We will be setting your business up for success and sustainability and giving you the tools you need to give your brand a boost. The Sunrise Brand Boost Podcasts will teach you how to build a loyal brand following, show up with strong visual storytelling, create that winning growth mindset, design a website that converts and so much more.

What To Expect

Nathalie and Erin have a combo of branding photography and website experience (respectively) which I LOVE because it gives their audience a really holistic approach to branding. And when you listen to Nathalie and Erin talk branding, you seriously take notice and listen! They also bring in a lot of guest experts (like moi) to speak about more niche areas of branding, one of my favourites so far being the episode with Jennifer Singh on Media Exposure.

What I Love About it

It’s SO clear that Erin and Nathalie are passionate about branding, and that’s what you want to hear on a podcast! Passion drives the energy to create amazing content and to grow an avid community just like theirs!

What Nathalie & Erin Say

“It was so refreshing because the way that you talk about podcasting you were so comfortable about it. And it didn’t sound so complicated anymore. Taking Podcast Rocket was so great for me because having the touch points with you to talk it out made it even less scary.” – Nathalie Amlani

Can’t wait to hear more from you two!

Download the Sunrise Brand Collective Podcast wherever you get your podcasts! Find more at and follow them on Instagram @sunrisebrandstudio

Podcast Rocket with Emily Milling

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