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Perfectly Imperfect Social with Kirsten Jordan

by | Podcast Clients

If you’re frustrated with keeping up “perfect” appearances on social media, this podcast is 100% for you! The Perfectly Imperfect Social Podcast with Kirsten Jordan is all about finding an approach to social media and digital marketing that works for you, AND, that grows your business!

About The Podcast

The Perfectly Imperfect Social Podcast is a podcast that is designed to help female entrepreneurs like you stand out authentically and genuinely on social media. I want you to create the social media content that may be imperfect for others, but is right for you and your business.

Each week, host Kirsten Jordan will bring you all of the tips, hacks, inspirational stories and strategies you need to create the social media presence you want and need in today’s world. You’ll hear from Kirsten and other female entrepreneurs who are rocking their social media.

What To Expect

Kirsten loves bringing guests onto the show who are doing a great job on social media, in a unique and “imperfect” kind of way! They share their strategies, weekly practices and content ideas, and Kirsten always takes it one step further with her questions to get to the “why” behind the strategies. Kirsten also does live coaching on the podcast which is ver ver cool if you ask me, these real life case studies are a super cool way to show off her amazing wealth of knowledge about social media, and how it can serve your business effectively!

What I Love About it

Kirsten’s great hook is her ability to inspire friendly debates with her guests, which she does by sharing her opinions, and asking her guests to share theirs. Every guest has a completely different approach to social media and no matter what your own personal style is, you’re going to hear something that resonates with you, and you’re going to learn a heck of a lot from these conversations!

What Kirsten Says

It’s not that scary to interview people! I enjoy it! So if you’re thinking about podcasting and that’s a blocker, don’t worry about it! You can do it!– Kirsten Jordan, Host of the Perfectly Imperfect Social Podcast

Can’t wait to hear more from Kirsten!

Download the Perfectly Imperfect Social podcast wherever you get your podcasts! Find more at and follow Kirsten on Instagram @kirstenjordandigital

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