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Paid To Be You

by | Podcast Clients

If you feel totally out of alignment and wish your passions met your income streams, this is the podcast for you. Hosted by Vanessa Hallick, Paid To Be You is THE podcast for entrepreneurs looking to grow towards a super fulfilling life, while getting paid WELL to do it!

About The Podcast

Paid To Be You is a podcast designed to help Visionary Entrepreneurs shift your mindset, own your unique gifts, sell in an aligned way and get PAID to be UNAPOLOGETICALLY you, hosted by Vanessa Hallick, Mindset & Success Coach.

What To Expect

Vanessa interviews entrepreneurs that have designed their businesses to be completely in alignment with their human design. Understanding exactly what makes us tick gives us an edge – to find the things that motivate us, and then of course learn how to earn an income by doing those things!

What I Love About it

Vanessa’s guests are relatable, inspiring, and full of energy! They make me feel as though I can also overcome the (many many many) tough spots of entrepreneurship, and do so with my own unique approach! Vanessa is such a positive beam of light, and you’ll walk away from each episode refreshing your feed, waiting for the next episode to pop up!

Paid To Be You is Out Now!

Download Paid To Be You wherever you get your podcasts! Find more at and follow Vanessa on Instagram @vanessabusinesscoach

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